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Wisconsin Madman – Mark Madson

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Wisconsin Madman - Mark Madson

I’m the Truck in the Tree, Packer Mobile,
Harley Heartbeat, Bodybuilder,
and Upside Down and Backwards Guru Guy…
I’m known as the
Wisconsin Mad Man!

I’m Mark Madson
and I Welcome You!


Wisconsin Madman - Mark Madson

Hi, I’m Mark Madson.

When I was in 7th grade I took the engine off my lawnmower, put it on my bicycle, and left home for a week. That was a great beginning to my life of creative adventures. MarkMadson.com is my online portal website allowing you the opportunity to look inside the many different aspects of my life – and share some of my greatest passions:

• Creative Thought and Action
• Extraordinary Vehicles and Trucks
• Fountain of Youth Frame of Mind

Enjoy the story of the Wisconsin Mad Man

So, what makes me tick? What’s my background? Where did I come from? What have I done? Where am I heading?
All great questions that I’m happy to answer.

Throughout my websites you’ll come to know me better. On this website I offer up some information about me and some of my more recent projects and media events. Also, you can hear some of my radio interviews, and watch my Crazy YouTube Videos – they’re good fun.


The Wisconsin Mad Man on Only in America
Larry the Cable Guy takes a wild ride with Mark Madson (the Truck in the Tree guy) in his floating Cadillac while filming a segment for his History Channel TV series “Only in America”

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I Can’t Drive 55
Birthday Challenge

Mark Madson’s Birthday Challenge - age 55
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Rock Hard in Wisconsin – the pilot

It all started in the 2011 Packer Football Season when the Producers of Reality TV in Hollywood decided to do a Reality TV Show about Packer Fans. Because we all know “There are no Fans like Packer Fans” we pretty much proved that to Hollywood, and the whole world, beyond any shadow of a doubt when Dieter Sturm, “The Snow Man” and Mark Madson, “The Ice Man” drove the Totally Topless Packer Mobile to Super Bowl 45 from Green Bay to Dallas, when it was 10 degrees below zero – through the worst snow storm in the last decade! The new Packer fan movie “Cheese Heads the Documentary” will premiere this Packer football season, and will also feature Mark and Dieter in the Packer Mobile – along with exclusive footage from their trip to the Super Bowl.

So when Hollywood decided to do a Reality TV Show about Packer fans, they did a general “Curtain Call” at the famous “Stadium View Bar” in Green Bay for any Packer fans that wanted to be on the show. They also did personal interviews with some of the “Super Fans” like “Saint Vince”, “The Owner”, “The Acme Packer”, “The Ultimate Packer Fan”, and Mark and Dieter – “The Packer Mobile Guys”. Well, they liked Mark and Dieter so much that they decided to try and give them their own TV show! It would be about the “Littlest Limestone Company In The World”! Because, one of the other Reality TV shows that they were looking for, was suppose to be about a “Successful multi-generational family business in Wisconsin”.

So on Jan. 23rd, 24th, and 25th, Hollywood sent an 8 man camera crew to the Little Limestone Company to shoot the pilot in hopes that the “Big Cheeses”, (that’s Wisconsin terminology for C.E.O.’s in Hollywood) would want to do a ten year multi-million dollar Reality TV series about the wild and crazy things that just seem to happen at the “Littlest Limestone Company In The World”! Even though several other TV shows have already been filmed at the Little Limestone Company, Luke and Mark didn’t really think there was enough drama and controversy to sustain an on going TV series. After all, they would be competing with other Reality TV shows like the “Deadliest Catch”, “Ax Men”, and “Orange County Choppers”. They needed more drama and controversy between Luke and Mark.

They didn’t realize that Luke and Mark are on the same “Team”, and that they are working together to get the job done. Not like on “Orange County Choppers” where the Dad and the Kid are yelling at each other all the time. Mark and Luke  just don’t do things that way, on TV or off  TV. The Director said “You know Mark, this isn’t “Leave It To Beaver”, or “Father Knows Best” – we need some “drama”. They wanted Mark to say things about his competition “Corporate Contractors Inc.” to make them look like the “Big Bad Guys”, but Mark just couldn’t do it. “C.C.I. is owned by the ABC Hendricks Group that has done so much for the improvement of the city of Beloit. Even though, Mark is in competition with them, they get along great, and have complete respect for each other, and have worked together for years.

After filming for 3 days and logging in more than 48 hours of film, they had to cut it down to less than 10 minutes to present it to the Big Cheeses in Hollywood to confirm the shooting of the first show of the series. Even though. a lot of the producers in Hollywood really liked it, Mark didn’t make the final cut. The Director that shot the pilot said it looked great, and that he did all that he could do. Then he said “You know Mark, this is only the first No – and if you are going to make it in Hollywood, that’s were you get started, so the rest is up to you”.

So Mark has posted the pilot sample here on his website. The producer said if the video gets enough views here and on Youtube, Hollywood would have to reconsider. So please watch it for yourself, and email all your friends and share it on Facebook.

Hollywood, was back in Clinton Wisconsin, at the “Littlest Limestone Company In The World”
to shoot what they hope will be a multi million dollar, ten year Reality TV series
called “Rock Hard in Wisconsin”

Now, for the silver lining behind this seemingly grey cloud – Mark would rather do a TV show about the “Packer Mobile”, or “The Subway Sub Zero Road Trip To The Super Bowl”, or any of his other topless cars that he drives around all winter long. Instead of a TV show about “Breaking Rocks In The Hot Sun” down in his limestone quarry. So, the next TV show could still be called “Rock Hard In Wisconsin” but it would be about a “Rock Hard old guy” driving around Wisconsin trying to sell his auto biography ” The Creations of  the Wisconsin Mad Man” in a topless car in the middle of the winter. It would be kind of like the TV show “American Pickers”. The “hook” for the show would be that, Mark plans on making more money selling his book door-to-door on his Christmas vacation than my College Professor make all year!

Mark is interviewed on Local Vision TV

Mark Madson talks about
“The Ultimate Packer Fan” Reality TV Show

My Latest Project -
The Packer Mobile

Around the World in 80 days

Packer Mobile Logo

Two local Packers fans will be driving to the Super Bowl in style. Their nicknames are the “Ice Man” and the “Snow Man,” Two guys that are certainly not afraid of the cold. They’ll be making the 1,300 mile drive from Green Bay to Dallas in a custom-built convertible, bringing a piece of the frozen tundra along with them.

Rock county’s Mark Madson built the Packers mobile about three years ago. He cut the roof off himself, added Packers gear and some eccentric decorations. All to celebrate Wisconsin and it’s cold climate. “My life is upside and backwards. Everybody else is doing a convertible in the summertime when it’s warm. I drive mine in the winter when it’s cold,” said Madson.

He and special effects professional Dieter Sturm expect to turn a lot of heads on their way down to Dallas. They actually met up for the first time yesterday, before the Packers/Bears game. “Then we said what would happen if the Packers win, would the Packer mobile really go to Dallas. Can I ride shotgun? You betcha!,” said Dieter Sturm. Now the duo is getting ready, as only they can.

But they’re more mad scientist than anything. Madson is going to use the leaf blower to supercharge his already custom-made heating system, and Sturm has a few things up his sleeve as well. The Cadillac is still more than 30 years old, but that’s the point. “Anybody can drive down there in a new Cadillac. We wanna suffer a little bit, show we care – we want the Pack to win. The only thing I can do is something insanely difficult to show the Pack, whatever,” said Mark Madison.

Packer Mobile 1    Packer Mobile 2   Packer Mobile 3

The Story of the “Packer Mobile”

“If everybody else is going ‘That Way’ then I want to be going ‘This Way”, is a favorite saying of Mark Madson. Why not? He has been doing things “upside down and backwards” all his life.

Anybody can drive a topless car in the summer time, it takes a person with a totally different outlook on life to be able to figure out how to drive it in the winter time. After all, either they are driving all over the state of Wisconsin freezing their butts off, or just maybe they know something the rest of the world doesn’t know… So, just to prove a point, Ron Bigelow and Mark Madson drove the “Totally Topless Packer Mobile” to the Packer Game when it was only about 13 degrees out, with a driving wind chill factor of about 40 below. Madson said, “It was the perfect day, with the snow on the trees, and the sun was shinning.

Just about everybody that passed us took our picture, and everybody, even the Detroit Lions fans smiled and waved at us”. Mark said that there is a lot more to driving a topless car in the winter time than just putting on a snowmobile suite and trying to make believe that you are warm. A snowmobile suite is designed to keep you warm by retaining your own body heat that you generate while you are riding the snowmobile. That won’t work while you are sitting back relaxing in the front seat of one of the world’s best luxury cars for 3 hours. Your body needs an external heat source to stay warm if it is not moving.

So we had to totally redesign the aerodynamics of the car. It has a lot to do with the high and low pressure areas created by the windshield, front seat, rear deck lid, and the dash board. I did get cold when I drove it to U.W. Platville, but I changed a few things and now we are as warm as toast.

Ron Bigelow and Mark Madson may be better known by their nick names of “Mr. Bigg” and “Mr. Little” because of the businesses that they run, Bigelow Landscaping and The Little Limestone Company. They will admit that they both have a rare form of “Attention Deficit” but they just like to make people smile.

Mark bought the car five years ago, and so far he has ‘Converted It’ into 6 different cars, now that’s what I call a ‘Real Convertible’!!! As soon as he got the car he permanently cut the top off with a sawsall. The first conversion was the ‘Christmas Caddy’ with the back set full of brightly colored Christmas presents. The second conversion was the ‘U.W. Oshkosh Drinking Team’s Tail Gate Car’ although Madson doesn’t drink, they all had a great time. The third conversion was the ‘Beach Party Car’ with a 11 and a half foot long flamed surf board that was mounted were the roof use to be, and used it for the photo shoot at the ‘Paint On Bikini Contest’. The fourth conversion was the ‘Twin Lakes Country Thunder Car’ with the band Rebel Flag flying from the 6 foot flag pole Madson installed through the Surf Board, which was mostly used by young women that had too much to drink. The fifth conversion was the ‘Jimmy Buffet Mobile’ with a huge shark fin on top of the surf board. The sixth conversion is the now famous ‘Packer Mobile’ with a huge Packer Flag on the six foot flag pole and all kinds of Packer memorabilia through out the car.

They would like to get some businesses or news paper to sponsor them when they go to the Play Off game this week. It would make a great photo shoot and story for the news paper, or a great promotion for a local business in Green Bay, because everyone will be taking pictures of it and stopping to see it, when it is parked at their place of business. The Wisconsin Mad Man says “if the Packers make it to Dallas or the Supper Bowl this would be huge, because we are going”!!!!

Let’s Make a Music Video!

Here’s a “behind the scenes” view of a recent Music Video filmed at Little Limestone:

LevRage Intro Video

Here’s an intro video of another recent Music Video filmed at Little Limestone: