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Buy My Book - Creations of the Wisconsin Mad Man


“Dreams are the seeds of Creation. Action is the water that grows Dreams into Reality” ~ Mark Madson

They said it couldn’t be done… Self publish a unique, inspirational book – and market it to those of you who know what it’s like to “Think Outside the Box”.

Well, my friends, They Were WRONG! Let me introduce to you – “Creations of the Wisconsin Mad Man”… And “Full Throttle Creations”. Two creative books in one! This upside down and backwards book highlights my more than 50 years of extraordinary creations – from my “Big Block Mailbox” to my “12 second Cadillac”. From my “Pro Street Lawnmowers” to my “9/11 American Flag”. All completely detailed inside!

I wrote this book to inspire others to Follow Their Dreams – and to help my local High School focus on the Creative Spirit living inside us all… and as a Fundraiser to benefit their educational programs.

Buy My Book

I strongly encourage you to have a good look, and buy this book… You’ll be Glad you did – Click the More > button  (below) to read all about my book and get your copy today.

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