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Harley Heartbeat

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Harley Heartbeat - All my toys


“We did everything wrong – and it still worked!” ~ Mark Madson

Harley Heartbeat – Me and my toys!

Imagine if you will a website dedicated to that Free Wheeling Creative Spirit that drives all of us Auto Enthusiasts Wild. Our Special Place! The purpose of Harley Heartbeat is to introduce all of my creative & new ideas and projects to the rest of the world.



Meet Mark Madson

A Place for us to read about and share our hottest Hod Rod and coolest Custom Auto stories and photos. I invite you to join me in this Great Auto Experience…

See what I’ve done… it’s so cool. Even though this is one of my first websites, it’s got lots of great fun to feast on.

Check out my website: Harley Click the More > button (below)

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  1. hi-ya, I like all your posts, keep them coming.

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