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Truck in the Tree

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World Renowned Truck in the Tree


“I Like to make people Happy!” ~ Mark Madson

Yes… it’s a TRUCK… in the Tree!

Traveling down Interstate Highway 43 near mile marker 6, just outside Clinton, WI – you won’t believe your eyes. Believe it or Not – It Really Is A Truck in the Tree!



World Renown Truck in the Tree

In fact, it’s a 1959 turquoise and white Chevy pickup – wedged 30 feet off the ground in my big basswood tree. Located on the edge of my property closest to the highway – more than 20,000 people each and every day can see my Very Special Creation – a Tree House Truck I built for my children – Now a well known landmark. It’s made me Famous!

Have a look for yourself, and read the story of how and why I put a Truck in my Tree.
Click the More > button (below) to view my most excellent Truck in the Tree website!

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  1. This is good stuff. Thanks for the write up.

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